3rd Annual Blue Belt Tournament Highlight Music Video - Relive the carnage!

Relive the carnage of our 3rd Annual Summer Classic! Ronin Athletics’ in-house Blue Belt tournament featuring some of our talented blue belts going head-to-head and the long awaited Kickboxing grudge match of the Century!

Adrian Czmielewski goes 3-0 at NY Fight Exchange

Adrian Czmielewski with an impressive win over Hasan Hope at the NY Fight Exchange 3 UNSTOPPABLE. His fight starts at 26:05

Intense GoPro Footage Shows What It's Like To Get Hit By An MMA Fighter - Courtesy of Business Insider and Ronin Athletics

Business Insider wanted to experience fighting an MMA fighter so they strapped on a GoPro and stopped by the gym. Here you go folks!

Ronin Athletics on NBC's 1st Look NY

Check out this video that George Oliphant of NBC’s 1st Look NY filmed at Ronin Athletics NYC MMA Gym. He asks great questions which give you an idea of what our NYC MMA gym is all about. Note: this was at our previous location. Our MMA gym is now in a much larger space on 36th Street in Midtown Manhattan!

Ronin Athletics on Reuters Financial News

Ronin Athletics was a proud participant of the MMA Expo and the STS Challenge this past December 2011! Our Adrian C. competed and won the STS Challenge and Ronin Athletics was the featured Gym on Reuters Financial News!

Ronin Athletics in one of NYC's popular magazines The New Yorker

Ronin Athletics’s own, Adam Blake shares his opinion on Governor Paterson’s support to legalize MMA in New York.


Reality Fighting 3 - Bayonne, NJ in 2003 (Montes vs. Carringa)

Head Coach, Chrisitan Montes defeats Tai Kai’s, Andrew Carringa at Reality Fighting 3!

Montes v. Lauzon @ Mass Destruction 8

This is my fight vs. Joe Lauzon (UFC lightweight contender) We met in an amateur MMA match back in June 2003 @ Mass Destruction 8 in Taunton, Mass. Even though I lost the decision in this fight, its still one of my favorite due to the intense pace and the back and forth takedown/position/submission action. You can definitely see Lauzon’ trademark tenacity and his huge potential even back then. Its awesome to see him now in the UFC as a fully-matured MMA veteran. Enjoy one of the best mixed martial artsvideos! – Christian Montes