For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the Spring 2013 season tournaments for grappling and BJJ in NYC and places that are reasonably close by. As these are all local tournaments, many of them will have Ronin competitors. As we get closer to each tourney, we’ll find out who is competing so you can cheer them on.

We encourage everyone at Ronin Athletics to compete. We feel like it provides a valuable experience, as we’ve said before in earlier blogposts. If you’re interested in competing and representing Ronin Athletics at any of these tournaments, remember to consult Coach Christian for approval, as we have certain standards we want you to meet before competing. These are in place so that you don’t get hurt and so that we know you’re ready. It will also mark you out as a Ronin Athletics competitor, and allow the coaches to help you gear your game specifically to a competition setting.

Be sure to check tournament rules before competing, as rule sets are often different between different organizations, weight classes and skill levels. If you’re unsure of which tournament to compete in, have rules questions or want to know more about what competing is like, ask your teammates! Many of us have participated in many, many tourneys, and have insights and experiences that you might find helpful or at least entertaining.

Feb 16th, Renzo Open, NY NY
Feb 16th, Good Fight NY Open, Nyack NY
March 3rd, IBJFF Boston Open, Boston MA
March 16th, NAGA Albany, Albany NY
March 16th, Good Fight Brotherly Love, Langhorne PA
April 13th, Tap Cancer Out Spring BJJ Open, Stratford CT
April 20th, IBJJF NY Open, NY NY
April 20th, NAGA Worlds, Morristown NJ
May 11th, Good Fight Boston Open, Marlborough MA
June 4th, NAGA East Coast, CT
July 13th, Good Fight Philly Challenge, Broomall PA

See you on the mats.

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