Christian Montes

Christian Montes, Head Coach and Founder

Head Coach - Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu & Kickboxing
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Carlo Chan

Carlo Chan, BJJ Black Belt

Brazilian Jiujiutsu, Coach
Carlo Chan has been training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since July 2006 and received his Black Belt from Professor Felipe Costa. Carlo had some martial arts experience in Kung Fu and also weight-lifted competitively before he began training with Christian Montes at Ronin Athletics. Carlo uses his knowledge as a physical therapist as well as his ability to quickly break down specific techniques to learn new moves and apply them each time he trains.

Carlo enjoys teaching BJJ and tries to teach both the necessary basics as well as an interesting technique or two during his classes. He is also great at breaking down a technique for an individual, analyzing what they may be doing wrong, and conveying proper execution to his students. Carlo has competed in numerous tournaments in the New York City area and regularly attends BJJ seminars. While understanding the importance of basic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques, Carlo also stays current with the newest techniques.

Liz Milizio

Liz Milizio, BJJ Brown Belt

Brazilian Jiujitsu, Coach
Liz Milizio began training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at Ronin Athletics in April 2008. Receiving her Blue Belt in June 2009 and then her Purple Belt in June 2011, she is constantly trying to improve and grow as an athlete in the sport. Her other martial arts experience includes a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. One of the smallest people at Ronin Athletics, Liz knows the importance of the values of BJJ founder Hélio Gracie. Hélio emphasized leverage and technique over strength, allowing smaller people to defend themselves against, and defeat, larger opponents.

Liz is an enthusiastic participant in the Women’s Grappling Camps hosted by BJJ Black Belts Emily Kwok and Val Worthington. These camps provide her with great opportunities to train with many other women, to learn cool techniques, and to share training anecdotes. Liz brings what she learns, including great warm-up drills, back to Ronin Athletics to share with students and fellow mixed martial arts instructors.

Liz competes regularly and has placed in numerous NAGA, IBJJF, and GQ tournaments. Her highlights include earning 1st place in the 2009 IBJJF Pan No-Gi Championship for the 113.5lb Blue/Purple Belt division, and placing 2nd in the 2011 North East Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in the Women’s White/Blue Belt 140lbs and below division.

Competitive Resume:

  • BJJ and Submission Grappling Accomplishments:

    • 2008: 1st place No-Gi, 3rd place Gi
    • 2009, April: 2nd place No-Gi, 1st place Gi
    • 2009, November: 1st place No-Gi, 2nd place Gi
    • 2010: 1st place advanced No-Gi, 1st place Gi Blue Belt
    • 2008: 1st place No-Gi, 1st place Gi
    • 2009 (Copa Atlantica): 3rd place No-Gi, 1st place Gi
    • 2009 (Northeast Championships): 1st place Gi Blue Belt
    • 2010 US Nationals: 1st place advanced No-Gi
    • 2009 Pan No-Gi: 1st place Blue/Purple Belt lightfeather
    • 2010 Pan No-Gi: 3rd place Blue/Purple Belt lightfeather
    • 2010 NY Open: 2nd place Blue Belt lightfeather
    • 2009 Sub Shootout: 2nd place absolute, no skill levels
    • 2009 Grapple Girls Open: 2nd place No-Gi
    • 2010 Gracie Nationals: 1st place Blue Belt
    • 2011 Abu Dhabi Pro Trials: 2nd place under140lbs White/Blue Belt


Adrian Czmielewski, BJJ Purple Belt

Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing & Conditioning Coach
Adrian’s first experience with martial arts came at age 5 when he trained Shotokan Karate. He won his first tournament at age 6, and also earned a purple belt in shotokan that same year. His continued interest in fighting sports lead him to Ronin Athletics in his home town of New York City. In 2006, he began training both Brazilian Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts under coach Christian Montes. Two years later Adrian moved to Iowa to finish High School. Always interested in developing his fight game, it was there that Adrian earned his wrestling experience, competing in High School and participating in wrestling camps run by the famous wrestler, Dan Gable. After returning from Iowa, Adrian returned to Jiujitsu and MMA. Since then he has competed in numerous grappling tournaments and has won two fights in the cage. He is also the current 155lb. STS champion. and is 3-1 in MMA competition (clicking here).

Adrian also has an exceptional background in personal training and kickboxing coaching. He has successfully trained a myriad of clients, boasting a record of over 1000 clocked sessions. Adrian emphasizes a never die attitude, believing the separation of body from mind during training will contribute towards inner peace and focus.

Aldy Teran

Aldy Teran, BJJ Purple Belt

Wrestling Coach
Aldy Teran grew up in a family of champion wrestlers – his two older brothers both county champions – and has been wrestling since seventh grade. It didn’t take long until Aldy himself became champion: the 1992 / 1993 Nassau County Champion, the 1993 NY State Champion, the 1993 Greco Roman NY State Champion, the 1993 Long Island Freestyle Champion, a 1995 / 1997 NJCAA All-American, and the 1997 Northeast Regional Champion & Outstanding Wrestler. Today, Aldy is applying his wrestling knowledge and skill to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, intent on becoming a better Martial Artist.

Dom Thompson

Dom Thompson, BJJ Purple Belt

Kickboxing & Wrestling Coach
Dom Thompson began wrestling in high school and later for SUNY Morrisville college. During the summers, he wrestled Freestyle and Greco-Roman for the Central New York team and qualified for the Empire State Games in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling two years in a row. After graduating college, Dom moved to New York City and began training JKD under Christian Montes while concurrently earning his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from Danny Suarez. He also spent two years training Muay Thai under Phil Nurse at the Wat gym. With Dom’s extensive knowledge of striking and grappling, he brings a well-rounded and unique approach to teaching the basic fundamentals of kickboxing and wrestling. Dominic is a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Vinh Hua

Vinh Hua, BJJ Brown Belt

Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiujitsu Coach
Vinh Hua has been training at Ronin Athletics since September of 2006 and is currently a Brown Belt under Christian Montes. Vinh wrestled a bit in high school and practiced some martial arts, but became infatuated with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu the first time he tried it, and has trained extensively ever since. As an instructor, Vinh tries to break down the moves and concepts for his students using metaphors, similes and bad jokes to help his students understand the hows and whys of whatever they are practicing. By analyzing his own game, he’s recognized and corrected many errors, and always conveys this information to his students so that they do not make the same mistakes. Vinh has competed rigorously, winning numerous silver and bronze medals, but is still chasing the elusive gold. He is 1-0 in MMA competition.