The New York Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) program at Ronin Athletics NYC was developed under the principles of which it was founded – to enable the smaller and weaker person, through the use of leveraged techniques, to successfully defend against opponents that are larger and stronger in order to escape from or control the assailant using the proper application of joint locks and choke-holds. The principle concept of BJJ identified the three phases of combat, which is the striking phase, the clinch phase and the ground phase with special focus in keeping the opponent in the phase where he / she is most effective – in the case of a BJJ practitioner it is the ground phase that he / she believes neutralizes the larger opponent allowing optimal use of his / her weight, strength and leverage.

Gi and No-Gi BJJ are two sides of the same coin. While they are indeed two distinct sports with distinct characteristics based on attire (Gi being reliant on methodical approach and No-Gi reliant on athleticism), they both stem from the same Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Wrestling delivery system and share the same positional strategies, featuring control and submissions through mastery of leverage, pressure, mobility, and timing. While personal preference is always respected in our gym, we encourage exploration into both types of BJJ as we feel it will give you an overall better appreciation of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as an art. Each sport is usually characterized by a different pace and arsenal unique unto itself. Training both these aspects of grappling will only add to your development as a complete MMA Athlete.

If you are looking for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training in NYC, Ronin Athletics incorporates both No-Gi (shirt / rashguard and boardshorts) & Gi (traditional uniform) BJJ classes for all levels. Check out our class schedule for a free trial NY BJJ class in our spacious Midtown NYC gym. Ronin Athletics offers the best New York Jiu-jitsu training around – see for yourself.