Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide an environment where all people—of any background, experience & fitness level—can learn and train in the combat sports. Combat sports is for everyone!

About Us

Martial Arts was developed over hundreds of years ago to strengthen areas of human weakness: whether it be physical, intellectual, emotional or mental weakness. Through our Mixed Martial Arts program, Ronin Athletics is a means to facilitate this simple concept.

Our MMA training NYC caters to the full-spectrum needs of our student body: from those looking for realistic self-defense or effective competition training, to those who simply train for improved health, fitness and skill development.

We take pride in our relaxed atmosphere—that while safe and welcoming to beginners and experienced athletes alike—has always proved rewarding time and time again.

Combat Sports

The combat arts/sports are the descendants of man’s oldest forms of unarmed combat (martial arts – in the truest and most literal definition of the term). These arts have survived to the modern era through the sport method and continue to thrive and evolve by way of this competitive training. Specifically we are talking about Boxing and Wrestling in all their eastern and western derivations. These would include: Boxing, Muay Thai, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

If it is a form of functional combat, regardless of its cultural background, then it is trained alive and athletically. These are the integrated combative methods that make up our curriculum. This the kind of training, that regardless of age or current fitness level, translates to stress release and a sense of confidence and well being. In fact, we believe that drilling and sparring for sport translates to the most intensive, challenging and safe way to build the necessary attributes for self-defense as well as building overall fitness.

We apply this athletic paradigm to our training because we believe that is among the healthiest approaches to developing yourself as a martial arts athlete and an individual.